Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First serger project!

After a few days of "intense" quilting (I've been making lots and lots of quilt blocks!), I took a little break to play with my new serger. It's only been a week since my little lesson but I can just feel the minimal serger knowledge I have seeping out of my head! I set an easy goal-- a pillow case.

I got some cute Valentine's day fabric for the baby boy thinking that he would like to have a special pillow case. Now the babe doesn't even sleep with a pillow, so I'm not sure why I really wanted to make him this-- other than that it would be cute and he appreciates anything I make him and I can already picture him cuddling it.

Well I suppose one other reason is because this was also the perfect chance to try and use my serger! Thankfully my brain retained some serger knowledge and the machine still works beautifully. I have never seen such nice pillow insides before (not that I've actually looked either!).

I think it looks pretty cute right side out too!

I was a little short on the card fabric so I ended up putting a little pocket on the front of the pillow that baby can put a little board book or some other treasure into.

To make this pillow, I loosely followed this ConKerr cancer pillow tutorial. Since I had directional fabric, I ended up sewing it up differently, but I've used this tutorial in the past and it is great!

I was so pleased with my serger success on the pillow that I also made baby another pair of Big Butt pants, except for the first time I made them with the serger! Yay! I have been sewing these pants up for a while using a straight stitch and then pinking the seams, and I have to say that I don't miss my pinking shears one bit! Although baby boy won't appreciate the serged insides of his pants, I know he will love the "unkey" (i.e., monkey) fabric.

By the way, after appropriately oohing and awwing over my serger success (he knows better than not to!), hubby pointed out that this fabric is a little girly. Baby boy loves monkeys though, so oh well!

Now, what to serge next?


  1. serge everything! lol. It took me at least 2 years of looking at my serger to work up the determination to actually practice using it. Since I started, I haven't looked back. I LOVE it! Things seem to go together faster, and more neatly. I have totally pulled things out of my closet and serged seams that were messy.

    1. I love the idea of serging everything! The wrong sides of things just end up looking so pretty!